Carrot Club Rewards

We are pleased and grateful to have you visit our site.  As our Thank You to you for your continued or new support, we have created our "Carrot Club Rewards" Points and Referral Programs.

Points - How to Earn and Use

Once you have become a member of our site by clicking the "Members" link below the shopping cart at the upper right of our site, you will be able to earn points for every purchase as well as every share/like of our site via Facebook, every follow on Instagram, and each year on your birthday.

Once you have earned the appropriate number of points, you will then be able to receive discounts off your next order that you place or use those points anytime within the next 6 months of accepting the reward.

Referral Program

Spread the good news of eating healthy! If you refer a friend, once they make a purchase, you will receive 100 Carrot Club Points and they will receive a 20% discount on their very first order! There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.  Just remember, both they and you have to be members of our site in order to earn these rewards.