Simply Fit Training Plans

A quality personal trainer has the potential to change lives. To create a successful weight loss and wellness plan, it is important to focus on exercise and nutrition. Healthy Made Simple has launched this program to compliment our healthy, properly proportioned meals for optimal results. Weight loss is 80% proper nutrition, however a strong, fit and toned body is important to achieve maximum wellness goals. The Simply Fit Training Program is a comprehensive online training program in which a unique weekly workout plan will be created to improve fitness and flexibility, increase weight loss, and improve strength and muscle tone based on individual needs and goals. This training program will give you the accountability needed to ensure that you can commit and stick to your fitness goals.

Our program includes the following:​

  • Initial consultation to determine fitness level, skills set, goals and complete fitness assessments

  • Evaluate client fitness level to plan reachable goals

  • Counsel and educate client on diet, nutrition and exercise

  • Create a weekly workout plan tailored to client's needs and abilities

  • Provide weekly check in phone consultation for questions, support, encouragement and accountability

  • Monitor client through cardio and strength training workouts

  • Chart and track client progress

  • Motivate and encourage client through their fitness journey

  • Adjust client's personalized plan as goals are reached

  • Provide unlimited email support throughout training program

  • Additional in person training appointments available throughout program for an additional fee